Hair Loss Treatment

Balding can be caused by the process of hair loss that affects everyone of all ages including those who are in their 20s. Loss of hair is one of the most prominent aesthetic issues nowadays and treatment is sought-after for preventing the process of balding.

Modern solutions are now available to treat hair loss and loss of hair. Barbie offers non-surgical treatment for hair regrowth to restore lost hair naturally. With the biggest group of physicians at Barbie We have a cumulative experience of carrying out more than 2.5 million successful treatments for hair loss to this point!

Alopecia is a medical term that refers to hair loss that can occur because of a variety of factors such as lifestyle choices, genetics and stress, nutritional deficiencies as well as chronic medical illness or hormonal shifts. It may manifest in a variety of forms, including:

  • Hair loss alarmingly rapid
  • Loss of hair around the temples, in the crown region and the scalp divisions
  • Loss of hair in round patches
  • The loss of hair due to thinning and the shortening of the lifespan of hair.

It is crucial to seek advice from a professional as soon as possible to minimize hair loss, stop the loss of hair and promote hair growth.

Since hair loss could be caused by a variety of factors It is crucial to get a clear diagnosis and determine the root reason. A doctor who is qualified will carry out an exhaustive analysis and review your medical history before coming up with a comprehensive solution. Be aware that early intervention increases the likelihood of halting the fall in hair and restoring growth.

Before making a diagnosis your doctor may conduct a physical examination and will inquire questions about the food you eat, regimen for hair care, as well as the history of your family and medical background. There may also be tests like the ones below:

  • Test for blood. This might help identify medical conditions that could cause hair loss.
  • The pull test. Your doctor gently pulls a few dozen hairs to determine how many fall out. This can help determine the level of the process of shedding
  • A scalp biopsy. Your doctor scrapes samples of the skin or some hairs taken from the scalp , to study hair roots under the microscope. This helps determine if an infection is the cause of hair loss.
  • Microscopy with light. Your doctor uses an instrument that is specifically designed to study hairs cut at their bases. Microscopy can reveal possible problems of hair shaft.