Mole Removal

The safest and most effective mole removal treatment

Professional Method to Get Rid Of Unwanted Moles Permanently Medically, moles are known as nevi. They are a group of pigmented cells, and these are often seen as brown or black spots on the skin. There are many types of moles. Although most moles are benign, some may be unattractive or even cancerous. According to a study, they can be found anywhere on the body. By the time you are 40 years old, there could be 10-40 moles. Some moles may disappear as you age, while others may change colour or grow in size.

A mole is made when melanocytes, a group of cells, form a cluster and grow at a specific spot on the body. They can be flat or protruding. There are two types: congenital moles, which begin at birth, and acquired moles which develop later in life. It is best to consult a dermatologist if your moles become painful, itchy, bleeding, increase, or show any asymmetry.